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Re: Effective Org

- 24/04/2020 20:17:50

All true, frustration and flexibility.

But let's make a point here, ¿Aren't there really better alternatives?

As a consequence of that frustration, I read through half of the codebase of ERP Next the last few hours, through the whole documentation and made a first end to end test on the demo instance. And I just realized: I probably mis-spend 5 years of work on the wrong product/ecosystem. All that is a PITA in odoo from deployment to business workflows, it seams already there. Solved.

I'd dare a comparision, an average USD 20k project would probably go about for USD 8k with ERP Next in terms of usability, customer "hygene factor" expectations and developer experience (less wierdo DSL and NIH syndrome around).

My wife, an absolute power user of Odoo likes it better, too. She sais, she loves that it's clean and simple. Yes! All (!) users where effectively complaining about the bad usability of Odoo (EE by the way).

REST Api included, no "glue" module complexitiy bullshit. Just beutiful monolithic apps - feature complete! Period. Extensible? - Hell yes, but without Ox complexity on module interdependence management. As I said: precious time can be spent on more revarding aspects of life. ;-)

Make it complement with a decent matrix protocol server for chat and omnichannel, and we are getting somewhere without all the hassel.

For the SAP lovers: you know that "bring values from <doctype>? I once made a lengthy issue on github about transversal data mobility in Odoo. Yeah, man. It just has it. Global search? Yes! Automated cups printing? Yes!

A vue.js+electron powerd desktop app framework? Yes!

dodoo and and dockery-odoo and all that tooling I once embarked writing, competing with others like acsone and tecntiva for the best tecnical implementations and ideas (within the odoo box), out of the frustration of odoo's misbehaving? Obsolete, hell yeah!

If you, dear reader, mind: do me a favour, try ERP Next for the ERP and or for your communication and google drive replacement (!) (internal, and for the audacious external omnichannel as well). You might result with a better managed (manageable) company!

Tell me about your journey, a little educated ranting is helpful and feels good sometimes.

Best Regards,

David A.

El viernes, 24 de abril de 2020, Daniel Reis <> escribió:
I would say Odoo greatest strength lies in it's flexibility, and we can 
make it work for radically different businesses.

The base addons give you a foundation for essential business processes, 
such as order-to-cash.
And the framework gives you the tools to add layers on top of those base 
features to support whatever is your specific business needs, or even 
extend to incorporate specialized tools that work better for your industry.

So Odoo is a good generalist to fit the system of record role, and most 
of your non essential functions.
For specialized function, bring in (and integrate) whatever the 
best-of-breed tools your business requires.

A common example:
If for your an eCommerce is a nice to have, using the Odoo one is a 
great asset.
If you business is primarily eCommerce and has decent volume, then 
consider integrating something else, or do some significant investment 
in Odoo customization development.

Use the right tool for the right job.
The trick is to understand what jobs are good for Odoo.


On 24/04/2020 04:22, David Arnold wrote:


> Audacious theoreme:



> For an effective organization, drop odoo for keybase alltogether.


> After all, organizations are made of people, right?


> Odoo's fundamental process model is too stiff for organic business growth.


> Odoo's omnichannel conversational capabilities are weak. It's general 

> conversational capabilities are week, too.


> And are there chances your business is not a Jon Doe table factory, 

> like one plate, four legs, you know...


> Conclusion: integrate odoo as a backend into your tools landscape, but 

> drive your business growth elsewhere.


> .


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