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Technical help on odoo cache framework

DEC, Yann Papouin
- 24/04/2020 13:10:44
Hi everyone,

I'm working on extending the mrp module but I'm stuck on a technical issue that could come from a lack of knowledge of the 12.0 odoo framework since I'm coming from 6.1

An Odoo server in raised on the UI with the message 'stock.move(311659,).product_type' when I create a new mrp.production record but no traceback is available neither in the UI or the server log/console.
After some step-by-step debugging I finally found the culprit, an exception CacheMiss is raised when I try to access the `product_type` field of the mrp.production.move_raw_ids One2Many fields.
Do you have some tips for me that would help me to understand what is failing in my code ?

class MrpProduction(models.Model):
    _inherit = 'mrp.production'

    def _generate_moves(self):
        super(MrpProduction, self)._generate_moves()
        for production in self:
            # Assign consumable immediatly
            consu_move_ids = production.move_raw_ids.filtered(
                lambda r: r.product_type == 'consu'

Yann Papouin