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Re: Effective Org

- 24/04/2020 07:45:14
I guess you just blasted this email out of some frustration.
Odoo does have limitations in many areas eg. conversational - the list is long, such as weird CC, BCC, private thread, lost thread, etc... and whenever you fix something, you realise that it does not play nice with something else. --> bottom line if the customer's key criteria is an awesome CRM (for fixed price/low budget), odoo is not a good fit.

But Odoo has some real strength in many other aspects. My view is that odoo product knowledge and managing customer expectation is the key for success, and as well as knowing when not to take on a customer

my 2 cents..

On Fri, 24 Apr 2020 at 11:22, David Arnold <> wrote:

Audacious theoreme:

For an effective organization, drop odoo for keybase alltogether.

After all, organizations are made of people, right?

Odoo's fundamental process model is too stiff for organic business growth.

Odoo's omnichannel conversational capabilities are weak. It's general conversational capabilities are week, too.

And are there chances your business is not a Jon Doe table factory, like one plate, four legs, you know...

Conclusion: integrate odoo as a backend into your tools landscape, but drive your business growth elsewhere.


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