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stock-logistics-barcode OCA module application

Harold Burton
- 23/04/2020 15:46:20
Hello there,

I try to install the OCA module stock-logistics-barcode[1] for version 11, I have git clone the repository and place it into extra-addons folder, I went back to my Odoo and using the debug action I refresh my application list, but I'm not able to see listed this module. Searching and asking a bit I have tried restarting the server and checking the installable: True status[2]. I have other modules that are placed in that same path folder (extra-addons) and they are working fine, showing and updating correctly, but for some reason, I'm not able to have this one working, definitely, I'm doing or missing something but as a good NEWBIE that I'm I don't what it is.

Thanks for your help


./stock_scanner/    'installable': True,
./stock_barcodes/    "installable": True,
./stock_barcodes_supplierinfo/    "installable": True,
./product_supplierinfo_barcode/    "installable": True,
./base_gs1_barcode/    'installable': True,
./stock_barcodes_gs1/    'installable': True,
./product_multi_ean/    'installable': True,
./stock_barcodes_gs1_expiry/    'installable': True,

Harold g Luzardo b
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