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RE: Functional question: add invoice to Account Credit Control email

FIEF Management SA, Stéphane Valaeys
- 22/04/2020 08:50:48

Hi Virginie,


We have done this in v12, but I almost regret we did. It turns out it’s a great idea when you have one or maybe two invoices open, but as soon as you have more it’s barely manageable.


If you still want more details I don’t mind sharing.





From: Virginie Dewulf <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 8:47 AM
To: Contributors <>
Subject: Functional question: add invoice to Account Credit Control email


Hello Community,


Hope everyone is fine/at home!


I have a functional question (as usual) about the accound credit control functionality.

- from v11 it has been moved here:


This module sends reminders to customers who are late for the payment of their invoices.

The email sends an attachment, which is a summary of the list of not paid invoices.


Would it be possible to add the invoices themselves (in addition to or in replacement of the summary PDF)?

I checked the github PR and issues and didn't notice such functionnality.


Thanks a lot and have a nice day,





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