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Re: Migration from enterprise to community

NUMIGI Solutions Inc., Jordi Riera
- 09/04/2020 17:06:54
Hello list,

Thank you everyone for such insightful responses.
We will plan our next steps.


Le mer. 8 avr. 2020 à 12:02, <> a écrit :
Hi Jordi: 

It is - of cause - a mixed matter, since you need to be aware of programmatic adaptation
 and data migration. Most of the times, the customers want to use the opportunity to upgrade to a more recent version of odoo. 

In our view, it is vital to manage client expectations at the very first stage, which is:

1.  name the differences 
1.1 in the UI, 
1.2 possible adaptations of business workflows
1.3 replacement for dynamics reports, 
1.4 module replacement and 
1.5 customization that would be needed

We usually show the customer what they will get and have them buy into

Then, as with any migration, take a look into 

2. the data migration requirements
2.1 What is no longer of interest and could be purged 
2.2 What is needed, but could be put in to an archive (documents, raw data as csv/xls(x))
2.3 What is needed, but could live in a new reporting environment (other software)
2.4 What is needed and will be required in the future solution
2.5 Don't forget to clean out ir_attachment as much as possible (odoo is not a document management anyways)
2.6 Look at the recent customization and see how these will be converted to the new version.

N.B. Step 2. is a step, where the users are to work the old data, it will be painful for them, and when they are ready, they know how to do it better. But they will forget soon. So 4.5 below is important. 

Then you model the 

3. plot for the migration project, which is a set of 

3.1 requirements, 
3.2 systems, 
3.3 test cases
3.4 user acceptance of plan and sign-off 

4. then operate plan, 

4.1 go, do and 
4.1 check about the results, 
4.2 testing, and 
4.3 user acceptance, 
4.2 retesting and again 
4.3 acceptance 

4.(1..3)  Have a log run while doing this, to cover with all the needed alterations, and 
4.5 When done, make a migration plan with your customer for future releases (when to go into action, when to skip and what the users shall do to prevent a future mess (see N.B.)  

I tell you a little secret: We are using IT IS odoo connect for migration,
which is a great tool for continuous migration, where you can leapfrog the versions (e.g. odoo 8 to 12) unlike with open-upgrade (where you need to go from 8 to, 9 to 10, 10,to 11 and 11 to 12).
It is still work, but can be redone with the scripting that is putting the plot. Also, IT IS odoo connect can be useful for any kind of interfacing after the migration is thru. 

How is Quebec? I got some friends around Toronto and Ontario, Montreal, NB and NS, and they report about getting toward the lock-down, but it sound as if you are still pretty busy. 
Crossing fingers, wishing you health, luck and resilience for all of you in Canada (and everybody on this planet)     

Von: "Houssine BAKKALI" <>
An: "Contributors" <>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 8. April 2020 16:51:45
Betreff: Re: Migration from enterprise to community

Hi Jordi,

We already did it for some customer.

First advise, is to do it on a test environnement first. will need to check what are the enterprise modules that are installed and the data that will be lost and to act consequently to get rid of it or  migrate them to a community module or just export them to an excel.

So far it's quiet straight forward if the customer only need community but a case is not another.

My two cents,

Le mar. 7 avr. 2020 à 22:22, Jordi Riera <> a écrit :
Hello list,

I already reached some of us on the OCA slack, but to be sure to reach every one, I also use the mailing list :)

We have several leads about migrating an odoo enterprise off to the odoo community. Have you ever done it ?
Do you know any gotcha or warning we should be aware of?

Thank you again list,

Jordi Riera - VP Technique
(514) 317-7944

Longueuil, Québec, Canada


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Jordi Riera - VP Technique
(514) 317-7944

Longueuil, Québec, Canada