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Re: smtp server service

by Gustavo Valverde <> - 09/04/2020 00:04:07
A few keypoints:
  • Try having DKIM,SPF and DMARC
  • Make your signature on Odoo a text instead of an image (just in case your Odoo signature is different)
  • Use GMAIL relay server; just in case you're hitting your quota (not related to SPAM tough)
  • Amazon Simple Email Service is great for mass mailing

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 5:27 PM Frederik Kramer <> wrote:
Hi Jordi, 

the relative amount of mails going through Odoo is probably less
relevant than the absolut amount. Generally spoken i'd always suggest
to invest time in setting up an own mail Server instead of relaying
through GMail and if you really need to sent masses of uniform E-mail
probably going through an load balanced and properly scaling service
like mailchimp or mailgun would be devisable yes. I don't honestly know
but E-Mails going through Odoo will be easily identifiable by almost
every AI and that is probably the reason (in relation with the content
of the mails) being identified as SPAM

Best Frederik

Am Mittwoch, den 08.04.2020, 21:17 +0000 schrieb Jordi Riera:

> Hello list,


> We use our Odoo extensively to send our emails. I just did the stats

> and 75% of our sent emails are from our Odoo.

> We are currently using gmail as our smtp service. We start to see

> some of our emails tagged as spam. We are wondering why.

> Have you ever faced the same problem?


> Another question on the same topic, what do you use as SMTP service ?

> Would you advise to go to a simple local server or to go to a

> dedicated service provider like mailgun or something like that?


> Again, thank you for all your answers. You are the best :)

> Take care.


> Jordi


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