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OCA webinars and e-learning ?

- 06/04/2020 07:41:56

I recently saw this post of fpodoo:

My question is... It is not time for the OCA to have their e-learning 
website ?

They can make seminars over the different topics to standardize the 
knowledge of the community members / their capacity to contribute.

It comes to my mind as first priority stuffs about:

1) OCA CIs tools setup (runboot, lintcheckers, etc..), introducing the 
tool repositories and how to use them.
2) setting up the development environments for new-comers
3) the contribution & review workflow
4) functional description of the modules..

OCA has so many people, that planning just one web-seminar over the 
current contribution will give one or two weekly new seminar.

It can be even paid, to cover the costs of the time of the speakers.

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