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multiple exchange rates in odoo for a given period

- 26/03/2020 04:02:28

we have a case where the exchange rate used is different according to the case.

- Typically, if the journal entry hits the P&L, the monthly average for the rate is used - let's say that this is the standard odoo rate

- if the journal entry is only about balance sheet movements, another exchange rate is used, given by the head office.

My guess is that it should be possible to customise this, by adding a second rate on the current exchange rate model of odoo, and add a check box on the journal entry, to allow the end-user select the non-default rate.

I think I saw somewhere that there is a module to do something  like this, but can't find it. If any body remembers ?
Other wise, we will develop something along the above lines - advices if any are appreciated

If any in the OCA financial group is interested to collaborate, I am good also to contribute to the OCA (just don't know how to push code ...)