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Any module that pull invoice lines description into payment object for printing purposes?

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 24/03/2020 10:03:27
Dear community,

In Odoo, normally, on invoice form. We print the invoice form with Invoice detail lines, ie.., 5 product lines.
And on payment, the payment receipt will only print the list of paid invoices, i.e., 1 line, showing invoice being paid.

In our country, the Payment Receipt must show all the derailed line of the invoice too

What we did which partially fix the problem is to modify the Payment Receipt form actually print the Invoice instead (so it can have all the detailed).

- This only works for 1 invoice -> 1 payment scenario.
- Sometime, user want to add some more line description in the Receipt Form which is not possible, or to edit data in invoice line to do so.

What I am thinking of doing is, to copy over all invoice lines data into the Payment object paying for it (even in many invoices to 1 payment). This way, user can edit each line description, plus the Payment Receipt form will be more simple.

Anyone have the same problem? And what do you think about my proposed solution.