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RE: Functional Question: Year End Closing in Odoo (OPEJ)

Marco Marchiori
- 20/03/2020 07:17:22
I'm the "consultant" who gave Sergio the legal reference, it's better if I try to clarify the matter.

1) In any accounting system it's frequent to define a "fiscal" year and to detect a net income for the year
2) Lots of ERP systems provide a closing procedure, in which you settle the income/loss accounts into a p/l account and you detect a net income in your books, and then you can close/reopen all the other (BS) accounts
3) So in principle it's not a "local" matter, although there are some countries, like Italy, in which accounting rules, usages and habits put a stronger stress in the "fiscal year", so I gave the 2217 cc reference for my country (others should have different rules...)
4) Of course Odoo is free to limit some functionalities (FY close, in this case) or not provide them in the community version.
Anyway, let us not confuse local matters with scope/functionalities.


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