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A better way to implement serial number tracking?

by Gu Tony <> - 26/02/2020 09:20:19
Hi folks,

When I was thinking about a solution for  ‘Unsplittable product’, I came to realize that the current implementation for S/N tracking in Odoo is quite limited.

I create an issue here: . I’m also making a copy below, please kindly advise if I missed anything. Thank you.

Currently when a product is configured for S/N tracking, Odoo simply ensure the qty in a quant for the given product to be 1, that is almost all the difference from a normal batch lot tracking. This constraint also implies that the UOM for the S/N tracking product need to be piece or unit.

This works for some cases but certainly not all. For example, In jewelry industry, diamond is tracking by S/N, measuring in weight; in metalwork industry, steel roll is tracking by S/N(roll number), measuring in weight or length of the roll; Glass panel is tracking in S/N, measuring in size, etc. etc.

For the above mentioned S/N tracking, the UOM in question is not Piece and the qty in quant is not 1.

When we apply a serial number to a product, we actually suggest that the product is not splittable in transport. The qty in quant is 1 or not shouldn't be a problem.

The necessary constraint for a S/N tracking product should be:

  1. the quant must not be split
  2. the quant has to be reserved in full qty.