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Functional question: ISR based on customer [l10n_ch_payment_slip]

Coop IT Easy SCRL fs, Virginie Dewulf
- 25/02/2020 09:54:14

We are trying to understand and use this module for one of our customer based in Geneva:

We would like to get an ISR reference depending on the res.partner (so that each time the same customer pays, he can use the same ISR reference, even if he has 5 different invoices).

We found this documentation on the module about the ISR generation by Odoo:
  1      2         3      4
The ISR is a 27 interger long string that is created upon VALIDATION of an invoice. It consists of the following parts:
(1) ISR-B Customer ID number (size: may vary) - this number identifies your company and is set in the bank account of your company’s partner as 'l10n_ch_isrb_id_number'.
To set this number, create a bank and bank account through Contacts > Configuration. There, you can assign the created bank, your company and an ISR-B number to the bankaccount.
(2) Partner reference filled by 0 on the left (size: 7) - this number is taken from the 'ref' field of a customer (partner).
(3) Invoice reference filled by 0 on the left (size: what is left) - this number can be found (for the most part) in the name of an invoice
(4) Control digit (size: 1)

But our tests are not OK. For example, we have one partner with internal reference 999 and another with internal reference 001.
For the 001 customer we generated 2 invoices, and it gave those 2 ISR:
01 12341 00000 00002 02000 06921
01 12341 00000 00002 02000 07941

For the 999 partner, we generated 1 invoice and the BVR generated is:
01 12341 00000 00002 02000 04980

We don't see the partner internal reference in the generated BVR.

What did we miss?

Thanks a lot for your help,
Coop IT Easy (Belgium)