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Re: Salary Structures

NUMIGI Solutions Inc., Bruno Joliveau.
- 22/02/2020 21:03:25
Hi Alexey,

We (our "Numigiens") have worked for a long time for customers with payroll in several countries and continents. 
It's interesting. The complexity and the legislation is very different from one country to another.

Here in Canada, we invested it in 2014 with Savoir-faire Linux and the work was on hold in the following months. 
We started again and "relaunch" last year at Numigi. It's fun!

Depending on your localization, you can base yourself on different repositories, as (for example)

I didn't find any readme or explanation about salary structures in Odoo Documentation.

In short:
- the salary structure corresponds to your models to build the pay slip. You can play with child structure to easier your management depends on complexity you have on your localization.
- the rules corresponds to the different lines that make up the pay slip.
In most cases, the lines are gross revenues, deductions...

And you will find a lot of localization as l10n_ around payroll for helping yourself.

Have fun and don't hesitate to share links or infos around this topic!

Bruno Joliveau - Architecte applications - Président
(514) 317-7944

Longueuil, Québec, Canada


Le mer. 19 févr. 2020 à 09:36, Alexey Pelykh <> a écrit :
Dear community,

Is there a good readme or explanation (or real-life examples) on salary structures and rules? It seems like a complete voodoo at first :D We’re diving into this part of Odoo for the first time

Kind regards,

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