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Re: Analytic Account: different currency than company

by Alexey Pelykh <> - 21/02/2020 19:41:42
Let’s see ho it goes, the time investment is of no concern to me, since I’m doing that for myself primarily, and learning how things were in v10 to port that correctly would as well require significant time.
(In case much of code will actually survive from v10 to v12)

On 21 Feb 2020, at 12:21, Daniel Reis <> wrote:

Porting it over to a recent version would be much easier than developing the feature, and would be a great payback for the original authors.

Consider that.
It would cost your customer 10 or 20 instead of 40 (made up numbers)


Alexey Pelykh <> escreveu em sex, 21/02/2020 às 18:21 :
I’ve also found but seems since v10 this was not really developed

On 21 Feb 2020, at 06:56, Alexey Pelykh <> wrote:

Hi Dominique!

Thanks for hint, I guess I’ll create one then :D

Kind regards,

On 20 Feb 2020, at 16:57, Dominique k <> wrote:

Hi Alexey,

I am not aware of any module doing that, but for one of our project, I did an automated server action to do just that.
triggger: create and update
execute python code: set the currency, and recalculate the amount
Dominique KON-SUN-TACK

On Fri, 21 Feb 2020 at 07:32, Alexey Pelykh <> wrote:
Dear community, 

Is there a module that would allow analytic account to have different currency than company?

Kind regards,

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