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Re: How can functional people "really" participate in OCA?

by GmbH, Bettina Pfeifer.
- 15/02/2020 17:53:05

Dear Kitti, dear community,

as a functional person I would like to add my 2ct in the discussion about this "pretty hard question :) " from Kitti.

First of all, this question really really needs to be discussed together with functional people. Some of you already pointed that out.

If tech people suggest what to change, this is a nice move, but keeps generating solutions from tech people.

Odoo has a (open or not so open) culture of "everything is in the sourcecode" and this is a rather difficult approach for functionals.

In my opinion it is most of all a question of culture, so we could first of all ask more detailed questions like these: 

  • Why is it desired from OCA, that functional people take part? What would be the benefits? Why would OCA value that?
  • What are the expectations from OCA?
  • Is there a structure that welcomes functional people and makes their contributions valued?
  • Could or should a structure be created that supports functionals or even takes them for granted or as a necessary part?
  • Why do functional people wish to contribute? What are their expectations?
  • What prevents them? How can we find out? What happens / happened in the past to functional people who are /were interested in contributing to the community.
  • How can an integrating and welcoming culture be improved and how can that be measured?

These questions can not be answered with tools. In my opinion, there needs to be an actively managed process to change more than tools.

Disclaimer: I am not a pure functional, I am also an experienced developer (outside of the python world) with solid database know how. Moving into a functional role as an Odoo Partner I hoped to escape the developer and tech world. Today, I do develop modules sometimes, use Github and look into the source code. (And have programmers to do more developments. ) Probably a lot of contributors are in a half tech and half functional role themselves. So it should not be too difficult to understand the pure functional world.

The fog in the forest picture from Landis made me smile and now, finally, I send this mail, which I had in my Draft folder for a while.

Kind regards, Bettina


Am 05.02.20 um 20:46 schrieb Kitti Upariphutthiphong:

Dear community,

I have a pretty hard question :)

We always say that functional people  is vital to ERP system, for sure in the project. But are functional people have places in OCA?

Are there forum or any place where functional can fully contribute their business knowledge without friction of tech, github and programmer languages?

Any pure functional people in OCA can help answer this? :)

Note: This question is passed here by my functional peer who want to participate in OCA. But I also don't have that good suggestion too.

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