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Re: How can functional people "really" participate in OCA?

Komit Consulting, Jean-Charles Drubay
- 13/02/2020 14:09:20
Maybe all functional people have been scared away from OCA because we have always been thinking "it's not so difficult, they just need to RTFM". So there might be none left to contribute to this thread. Please raise your hand if you are here :)

Complicated or not complicated, it's a fact is that Functional People are not contributing much in OCA comparatively to technical (at least from what I see, please tell me if I am wrong).

If OCA wants to build a community of Functional People, things need to be done differently otherwise things won't change.

What should we change? Maybe it has nothing to do with the tools ... 

But if the tools aren't the blocking point, then what is it?

If we don't change anything, then we should accept that it's part of the strategy of OCA not to try attracting more Functional People. Which may be fine.

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 7:37 PM Lois Rilo Antelo <> wrote:
Hi all,

One question: should the tech people that is already investing a lot of time to maintain OCA tools/infrastructure, customize or extend them even more (expending more hours) to save some minutes of reading a guideline for functional people? I really don't find it that difficult to log in in a runbot instance, neither edit a readme and propose a pull request all from the github web.

But as Simone said it might be that I am myself a techy person... so what I would like to see is more feedback from some of those functionals we are trying to help, because all the people in this thread are known (not new) contributors. And here is my idea: launching a survey to last year new contributors asking for feedback on these topics, do you think this could help?


El jue., 13 feb. 2020 a las 10:37, Jean-Charles Drubay (<>) escribió:
I just tested again and after a "Force Rebuild", user is redirected to the Runbot page of the Repository (ex: where he/she needs to search for the suitable line based on "the PR ID" or a very short extract of the "PR name".

Also, the number of "active" instance in Runbot is really small forcing the user to nearly systematically Force Rebuild.

A build takes in the best cases 5 minutes which I believe is discouraging for the people who are willing to test PRs.

Also, while I tested, the build failed, but that was not indicated by the Runbot page until I forced a refresh on the page.

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 3:32 PM Lorenzo Battistini <> wrote:

Click on runbot link at the bottom of a PR, search based on the PR ID (seriously?! is it documented somewhere),  understand how to read / use the runbot page, if you are lucky you can test click on a button to enter the test instance with a login / password that you must know (know or die here), 

To clarify: no need to search runbot by PR ID; see

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