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Re: How can functional people "really" participate in OCA?

Camptocamp SA, Simone Orsi
- 11/02/2020 16:25:21

I share Pedro's opinion on the fact that wikis won't solve the problem and will soon become messy.

Personally I don't think Github is so ugly for functional people. It's just a matter of getting used to it (but I'm a techy and I might miss some barriers).

To discuss functional issues or propose changes they can open an issue in a specific repository and start a thread there.
If they want to use g-docs (or whatever public tool) to enrich the discussion they can use it and link it in an issue.
In this case, I see only one main problem: we have many repos by area (eg: product or warehouse) and the scope of such discussions might be broader.

Having a forum would be nice as long as there's people taking care of moderation.

Forum options:

1. use the odoo module on our instance

a. we have all in one.
b. it's already there and could preserve legacy discussions

a. it sucks in terms of UI, would require some work (see
b. if the site is off, the forum is off as well

2. use a self-hosted external tool as

Pros: really nice and effective
Cons: one more service to maintain

3. use an external service

Pros: nothing on our shoulders
Cons: no control on it

A note regarding the ML not being available to external people: is not true. You can access it here but as I mentioned above it would need a lot of love to be improved.

My $0.02.


On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 11:57 AM Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> wrote:
Well, I personally think the wikis will become a collection of unrelated things and non maintainable stuff, and don't bother if I call "laziness" what is sometimes called "functional scope", but if the rest think is good, go ahead.


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