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Re: How can functional people "really" participate in OCA?

Stefano Consolaro
- 11/02/2020 08:57:24
I think that forum and wiki can be used both at the same time in different ways.

The Forum have to be a place to build a discussion around an aspect/feature/problem in a way that different points of view will be considered to fulfill some normative/state of the art rules (eg. national fiscal rules, ISO standards, ...) to reach the most open and flexible solution. The main problem here is to individuate the right title of each thread, a clear argument definition and can be useful to have tags for a fast search.

The Wiki is a tool for write down a "stable" (sorry for the use of a developer's word) vision of the argument. This have to be treated as documentation, well writed, well structure, well formatted, useful if versioning is available to track changes.

There have to be a connection between the tools: a way to traslate the result of a thread in the Wiki and links to the original threads on the Wiki document.

In both the presence of a moderation is necessary, at least at the begin, to create the right "inertial energy" to reach a good result.

Stefano Consolaro