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Re: How can functional people "really" participate in OCA?

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 10/02/2020 09:08:34
Thank you for all the ideas.

I now incline to the opinion that there should be one place only for module README. (github may be best place yet, just make it easier).
For wiki, we would love to use it too, maybe we can start here now as Max suggested. But should we focus only on functional use cases or story telling style (more freeform). Also can we write things in own locale?

Still, +1 for forum that functional people can discuss on daily basis. Their presence in OCA is what most important, I think.

That's all my novice opinions, after all, I think you guys have better idea what should be done. We will always support.


On Sat, Feb 8, 2020 at 8:57 PM Maxime Chambreuil <> wrote:
I think we can start by setting a forum and use the wiki at

From there, we can evaluate in a year if it's a success by looking at the number of members/posts and contributors/pages.

If it works for the few of us, others will pick it up and join.

Greame, do you have a software forum in mind?

For those interested in the wiki, what do you think of the current structure? If you want to make changes, I can set you up as an administrator. I am happy to share the ball here.


El sáb., 8 de febrero de 2020 06:37, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> escribió:
I don't like Wiki pages as you propose, as we will duplicate data and have inconsistencies between both sources. There must be only one source. What we can do is to create a Wiki page for teaching how to propose a modification in README.rst files of the modules / of the repository for newbie people that is not used to GitHub, and add massively in all the README files this link (we have tools for this) in a special section. Something like:

Is this README not accurated or are there missing things you have detected? Please visit xxx to learn how you can propose changes in it.

I know there's still the barrier of RST formatting, but usual redaction doesn't require it (and we can teach about usual formatting things like bold or italic - GitHub also includes some buttons for them in the top bar).


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