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回复:Website sale : products restriction based on logged user

- 06/02/2020 05:40:46
Hi Virginie. 

You may can try the price list module. 

Regards... DC

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日期: 2020年2月6日周四 凌晨3:51
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主 题: Website sale : products restriction based on logged user
Hello Community,

I need some help for a specific Use Case. I hope this mailing list can be used for this type of question (if not, excuse me and tell me which way of asking would be best).

Here is the context : there are a lot of products sold on the Website through eCommerce. All the non-logged in customers can choose in the whole list.
For certain customers who have a login in Odoo, the list of the products available should be restricted.

To make it clear:
- Products A, B, C, D are on the website.
- Customer of Category 1 (no login required for them) can buy A, B, C, D without restriction.
- Customer of Category 2 (they should be logged in) can only by B and C.

Another Use Case in the same idea of making some products appear/disappear on the eCommerce (from Sylvain Le Gal) : is there a way to make Products appear on the website based on a frequency (concept of date_range somewhere). Example :
- Product A and B on Week 1
- Product C and D on Week 2
- Product A and B on Week 3
- Product C and D on Week 4
- etc.

Have you seen any module making the job for one of these Use Cases?
Thanks a lot!
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