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"Project Use Case" or "Customer References"

NUMIGI Solutions Inc., Bruno Joliveau.
- 04/02/2020 00:22:48
Hi community,

I remember seeing and testing a module to publish "success stories" from projects in previous Odoo versions. But my memory and our knowledge base is empty on this subject for most recently versions...

We want to share with clients and partners our experiences and projects. The name of the customer is not systematically published (NDA), but the history of the project, its scope, the tools and technicals, the team involved, screenshots, maybe video ...

I think the main model is project.
We had until Odoo v10 the addon website_project

We found this addon where we can input several informations, for example this screenshot


This addon depends on website, not project at all.

Before we plan the development of a new module or offer a contribution to this one, do you know modules with similar features?

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