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回复:stock.picking very slow and some are not validating

- 03/02/2020 07:29:39
Is multi-warehouse your customer using?

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发件人: MD Tanzilul Hasan Khan <>
日期: 2020年2月3日周一 傍晚6:01
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主 题: stock.picking very slow and some are not validating
Hello Contributors,

We are using Odoo 11 for a retail chain. They have over 60 POS locations (and increasing across the country) and over 17000 products (also increasing).

Recently, for past two months, we are facing strange problem. The retail chain do purchase order once in a month to the vendor and the PO contains over hundreds of products. They are using lot based tracking. When we are receiving products with lot number it takes forever to validate. Even some pickings are stuck and can't be validated. We tried all the possible workarounds but still no luck. There are no errors too.

The instance is running on AWS with RDS. RDS configuration:
PostgreSQL - 10.10
4 vcpu x 16 GB RAM
100 GB SSD
IOPS: 100 * 3 = 300

How can we validate the stock.pickings? Any idea or thoughts appreciated.

Best Regards,
MD. Tanzilul Hasan Khan

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