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Localisation PSC - Croatia

DAJ MI 5, Davor Bojkić - Bole
- 30/01/2020 10:12:40
Hello all,
I would like to propose/introduce  new PSC member for Croatia 
localisation : Goran Kliska

Also, i would like to add Decodio Applications to same PSC.

As for Goran, he is author of several well known and used modules
( l10n_hr - in odoo main source, account_storno used in many countries... )
and i belive is one of top odoo developers in Croatia

Also we would like to start mailing list for Croatia localisation so we can
inform other potential members of our communit activity

Greets to all.

S poštovanjem,
Davor Bojkić - Bole
mob: +385 95 1996 726