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Re: Odoo documentation tool

Camptocamp SA, Simone Orsi
- 08/01/2020 07:56:18
Nice idea!

I think this can stay together with the other tools in

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 7:02 PM Renato Lima <> wrote:
Very good Pedro,

I think this script has great potential to generate meta information and fill in some informations in README module file. About the license, you commented that he (former employee of Odoo S.A.) opened the code, do you think there would be a problem with Odoo S.A. about the license? If there is no problem, Do you think this script should be in a new repository in an existing repository? IMHO would make sense to leave this script in the OCA / maintainer-tools repo, because there is already a script to create the module readme (oca-gen-addon-readme)

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