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Proposing myself as connector-lira PSC member

by Alexey Pelykh <> - 24/11/2019 08:23:33
Dear contributors,

What I’ve done so far:
  • v12 migration
  • [IMP] connector_jira: worklog/timesheet date timezone
  • [FIX] connector_jira: issues can be moved between projects
  • [IMP] connector_jira: restrict linked AAL modification
  • [ADD] connector_jira_tempo_project_role
  • [IMP] connector_jira: search by Jira keys
  • [IMP] connector_jira: import estimation and status for tasks
  • [IMP] connector_jira: view JIRA keys on project and task views
  • [IMP] connector_jira: restrict linked tasks alteration
  • [IMP] connector_jira: do not track sync updates
  • [IMP] connector_jira: improved user binding

Kind regards,