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Re: XAdES in Odoo

- 20/10/2019 19:56:48
Hi Nhomar,

The truth is: I have not found any open source library which implements xmlsig / XAdES near to satisfactory (not even in java).

I'm willing to take on the challenge, in the spirit of open source.

Founding door this project, however, in the spirit of open source, would be required to be kindly administered from interested parties.

Best Regards,

David A.

El dom., 20 oct. 2019, 12:37 p.m., Nhomar Hernández <> escribió:

Xades is implemented already in OpenSSL and is used in other countries (no, pero do not use Xades exactly.

We use a plain and simple X509Certificate procedure since few years in Perú.

It is done already, if you need it I can give you access, and coming soon in enterprise on v13.0 as official (for older versions we have a separated repository with this implemented).


El vie., 18 de oct. de 2019 a la(s) 16:12, David Arnold ( escribió:
Hi All,

After evaluating a couple of solutions, I decided to work on a PR to incorporate 
XAdES signing into signxml library, which seems to be one of the better known
xml signature libraries and is used in sime odoo EDI implementations (eg. PE).

Please find the link below:

Please touch ground if you would like to sponsor one of the marked items, as I'll
only proceed to implement the MVP necessary for my own purpose.

Nevertheless, it is designed to produce, both, fully conformant and interoperable
XAdES signatures as per the defined ETSI base line and extended signature levels.

Best Regards,

David A.

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