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Re: XAdES in Odoo

- 20/10/2019 18:20:48
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your interest.

I've analyzed the complete ETSI documentation and I'm designing it
not to be a special need implementation, but a generic ETSI Xades implementation.

It shall support both, legacy and current Xades signatures (there are virtually no libraries supporting current 2016 Xades signatures).

It shall support B-B, B-L, B-LT, B-LTA and the E-* (extended) signatures as required by EU regulations.

I'm not yet sure how to deal with signature augmentation. Within the specified B-* this seems easy, however with e-* signatures it very much depends on the signature policy adopted.

What can be signed shall be verified as well.

I was given access to the ETSI conformance testing tool a few days ago, so I plan to pipe it through their conformance suite once ready.

That's the plan, execution solely depends on the community's capacity to fund this effort, as it's 100% open sourced.


David A.

El dom., 20 oct. 2019, 6:41 a.m., Daniel Reis <> escribió:
Thank you, this is interesting.
We want to position Odoo as an EU regulation compliant open source software.

Can you describe some use cases where you plan robust this feature?


No dia 18/10/2019, às 22:12, David Arnold <> escreveu:

Hi All,

After evaluating a couple of solutions, I decided to work on a PR to incorporate 
XAdES signing into signxml library, which seems to be one of the better known
xml signature libraries and is used in sime odoo EDI implementations (eg. PE).

Please find the link below:

Please touch ground if you would like to sponsor one of the marked items, as I'll
only proceed to implement the MVP necessary for my own purpose.

Nevertheless, it is designed to produce, both, fully conformant and interoperable
XAdES signatures as per the defined ETSI base line and extended signature levels.

Best Regards,

David A.

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