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Re: Newbe on Odoo

Open for Small Business, Graeme Gellatly
- 20/10/2019 09:38:22
Apart from a couple of reports that never really worked there really isn't any difference in accounting features over community versions. 

On v8 you need oca, on v13 you need oca

On Sun, 20 Oct 2019, 7:52 PM Kitti Upariphutthiphong, <> wrote:

I just want to confirm that Odoo CE + OCA modules can be much better than EE even on accounting.

Many time, OCA module surpass features provided by EE itself. Many features was in OCA long time before it end up in Odoo.
Problem is OCA is hidden gems, which is also a problem for new people (every new search end in EE landing page).

At least in our country, same problem, most people think about CE as a not workable ERP. From v11, many Odooer jump ship to FlectraHQ because of this. Few people heard about OCA, even fewer know what OCA is all about.

It is like, you are in the gang (being part of OCA), or you are not :).

Back to your questions, IMHO,
  • For quick fix, hire a competent consultant from OCA, feel free to ask here.
  • For long term, yourself become an OCA member. You will learn a lot from OCA (my own experience).

Good luck,

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 11:16 PM Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

Try it yourself. Just the timesheet of 4 people here answering you can pay 3 monts of licences.

- Create a site.
- Add your problem is solved.

YES, you will have problems (who doesn't).
YES,  you will receive solutions.

Instead argument/discuss with not-paid people your individual problems found or with your pear at the office, each time you have a doubt hire a proper consultant (that's the way this world works, you know **money*** :-)).

I promise you will expend less than what you will expend trying create Frankenstein with community, in other hand you will face a proper support to Odoo itself (the original creator) and to the community while you buy consultancy from them (the ones that will create + modules for you).

Our freedom is not a matter of money, is a matter of quality and access to the code :-)

About Accounting in odoo 13.0-12.0 (the one you will find as trial in the saas): It is really nice, but may be you will need a few weeks to end the stabilization (no big deal for your use case).

I hope it helps.

El vie., 18 de oct. de 2019 a la(s) 20:07, Harold luzardo ( escribió:
Hello everyone,

I consider myself Odoo fan, I know this software since version 6 named OpenERP, yes!! I'm old :D anyway I'm building up my own business "On-line Shop" and now is the time to implement Odoo. I have been playing with the 11 version but I know and I can see that the latest versions the company has been cutting off more and more modules, I looking to implement a fully operational Odoo using the CE version, I really don't care if it's not the latest version as far is working fine. Mu play is start and eventual in the future migrate to a better latest version. So I'm looking at some of your opinions regarding this, witch one you consider will be the best option for me to start. I can see that version 10 has most of the functionality just before things started to go south, one of the modules that I consider very important is the account module, after ver 10 the module is not there or limited.

I really appreciate all your comments and goods advises.

Harold g Luzardo b
GNU/Linux User #535193
pub   2048R/0BCF3A23 2014-06-08
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