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Re: Newbe on Odoo

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 19/10/2019 16:14:50

Try it yourself. Just the timesheet of 4 people here answering you can pay 3 monts of licences.

- Create a site.
- Add your problem is solved.

YES, you will have problems (who doesn't).
YES,  you will receive solutions.

Instead argument/discuss with not-paid people your individual problems found or with your pear at the office, each time you have a doubt hire a proper consultant (that's the way this world works, you know **money*** :-)).

I promise you will expend less than what you will expend trying create Frankenstein with community, in other hand you will face a proper support to Odoo itself (the original creator) and to the community while you buy consultancy from them (the ones that will create + modules for you).

Our freedom is not a matter of money, is a matter of quality and access to the code :-)

About Accounting in odoo 13.0-12.0 (the one you will find as trial in the saas): It is really nice, but may be you will need a few weeks to end the stabilization (no big deal for your use case).

I hope it helps.

El vie., 18 de oct. de 2019 a la(s) 20:07, Harold luzardo ( escribió:
Hello everyone,

I consider myself Odoo fan, I know this software since version 6 named OpenERP, yes!! I'm old :D anyway I'm building up my own business "On-line Shop" and now is the time to implement Odoo. I have been playing with the 11 version but I know and I can see that the latest versions the company has been cutting off more and more modules, I looking to implement a fully operational Odoo using the CE version, I really don't care if it's not the latest version as far is working fine. Mu play is start and eventual in the future migrate to a better latest version. So I'm looking at some of your opinions regarding this, witch one you consider will be the best option for me to start. I can see that version 10 has most of the functionality just before things started to go south, one of the modules that I consider very important is the account module, after ver 10 the module is not there or limited.

I really appreciate all your comments and goods advises.

Harold g Luzardo b
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