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[RFC] marketplaces connector module

- 18/10/2019 14:10:28

We are working on a little maketplaces connector for small companies. It 
connects Odoo with a feed provider which will transform data to export towards 
marketplaces, prices comparators, etc. Everything is done with CSV files 
export-import because a lot of feed provider, specially small ones, work like 
It was previously discussed in Roadmap Odoo 13 for retail industry : 
(and next comments).

First step is to have something working with Iziflux, a little french feed 
provider. But... How does field mapping should be build ? 
I ask because looking at OCA/connector-lengow (Lengow is a big feed provider), 
a lot of code is not Lengow related, but field mapping is hard-coded in a file. 
It's a pity.
I don't care if first step use hard-coded mapping. But later I would like to 
have something as generic as possible because all feed providers use nearly 
the same data and thus the connector should be easily adaptable.

Should we use a form ?
or simply a CSV to put in the module directory ?
or hard coding is good ?
or something else ?

(please CC me)

Xavier Brochard / zeroheure
« La liberté est à l'homme ce que les ailes sont à l'oiseau » 
(Jean-Pierre Rosnay)