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Suggested ways for deploying odoo through docker-odoo-project

Shine IT, Tony
- 13/10/2019 03:49:05
Hi folks,

I’m currently using camptocamp’s docker-odoo-project and akretion’s ak tool for local development and testing. It works like charm, thank you guys for building the great tools.

I have one question though.  Why do we need either use on-build base image or COPY instruction in our own Dockerfile to copy the files and folders into container while we’ve already set the volume like `./odoo:/odoo` in the `docker-compose.yml` file. Is it a redundant job, or did I miss any point here? My guess is that when we copy everything in the container, we can build our own project specific docker image to be used in deployment process. This leads to my second question. How can we use the docker-odoo-project for deployment process? Simple ideas, suggestions or a sophisticated container orchestrating solutions are all welcomed, Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Tony Gu 
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