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Little bounty proposals : Payment plugin and feed export

- 09/10/2019 15:24:30

I'm looking for someone to code ! I think it is simple but too long or too 
difficult for me. My budget is very small : around 1000€
There is two projects, all free (GPL) :

1. Port the Lyra / Payzen Odoo payment acquirer to #13. It is an international 
payment solution, their plugin is already available with Odoo 10 to 12 and 
need to be adapted to version #13.
See and for information on their solution

2. We need a very basical solution to connect to multi-channel feed 
distribution services (typicaly to sell  across many marketplaces). Our target 
is Iziflux (France only), but it should be possibly customized to other feeds. 
We need to export products and stocks and to import sales with customers data 
A CSV export-import based on odoo-connector will do the job in most cases.

Xavier Brochard / zeroheure
« La liberté est à l'homme ce que les ailes sont à l'oiseau » 
(Jean-Pierre Rosnay)