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Re: Please help review/suggest budget_management

OpenBig, Thorsten Vocks
- 26/08/2019 12:18:39

in our german localisation project we also use mis_builder as a base ground to create our country specific P&L and balance sheet reports:
I have just reviewed your detailed description and i think it is a very good contribution. 

I would definitely also like a module budget_management_sale. That could help us a lot in nearly all EU countries to control a specific 
requirement due to VAT threshold rules required for B2C retail business. In the combination with some new taxes, fiscal 
positions and accounts per EU countries who receive goods from the main company located in another EU country a sales user would 
receive a warning if sales to another EU country would pass the budgeted limit for that country.That would allow us to get a warning to 
know when we have to deactivate a certain countrywise defined fiscal position in order to switch to the new fiscal position which should 
be used after overpassing the threshold / budgeted values. 

As especially retailers sometimes have automated workflows (f.e. sale order confirmation and invoice creation is automated), 
furthermore it would be good to switch off the automatic warning / notification or to select between warning / notification and activity or message 
notification in order to not strictly stop the sale workflow in any case. I also could imagine a functionality to select a server action, in our specific 
use case the deactivation and reassignation of a new fiscal position including the required onchange of the taxes on the sale order lines 
(in order to have 100% automatic calculation of the right taxes). 

If such a module budget_management_sale would exist I could imagine that we would create a module budget_management_sale_b2c_retail_skr03 
and budget_management_sale_b2c_retail_skr04 in our german localisation project with a dependency to budget_management_sale. In our module 
we would create all the required accounts, taxes, fiscal positions to enable a quick setup. Furthermore we will define the required mis_template and  
a budget for the year 2019, a budget control sheet with the pre-defined values published by the EU tax authorities.

Thanks again for your contribution and i am looking forward to further feedback from others, especially from other localisation projects if they could 
imagine same use case for their own country.

Best regards

Thorsten Vocks
Dipl. Kaufmann (FH)
Porscheweg 4-6
49661 Cloppenburg

Phone: +49 4471 8409000
Fax: +49 4471 84090009


Am Sa., 24. Aug. 2019 um 08:12 Uhr schrieb Kitti Upariphutthiphong <>:
Dear all,

I would like to invite anyone interested in budgeting to help review the PR I am doing on budget management.

I do understand that, budget management is quite specific to organization. But I have tried to put my own experiences in the generic way, and try to cover the basic use of real budget control in organizations.

The PR is still marked as work in progress, though I am kinda done on my side.

Please if you case help test (or read) and share your experiences or suggest features.

Note: All I did is to make use of mis_builder_budget as much as it is already excellent tool.

Many thanks,
Kitti U.

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