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Re: pybowler conforance refactoring

- 26/07/2019 20:03:35
Moises, does your routine detect this?

        field_name[:-4] if field_name.endswith('_ids') else
        field_name[:-3] if field_name.endswith('_id') else field_name

I couldn't find it...

On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 6:27 PM David Arnold <> wrote:
Hi Moises,

The real use case is to get a huge codebase conformant to OCA styling.

With pybowler, you just run the script and it walkes you through the diffs to keep or discard.

It is not suitable for checking or code linting, it's a safe (!) refactoring tool at it's core.

A code migration from one API version to another can be entirely scripted. And as you see, the basic semantics of such fixers are not even complicated.

+- 2 days of research on python grammars gets you going.

I plan to incorporate such refactoring snippets in DockeryOdoo, once I get a better grip on it.

pylint-odoo is already running on a language server protocol (LSP) server. Yes it's Microsoft open source ;-)

Best Regards,

David A.

El vie., 26 jul. 2019, 6:17 p.m., Moises Lopez <> escribió:
Hi David,

If I understood correctly your script is creating the same pylint-odoo check:

It is allowing auto modify code fixing the convention check

For me, It looks great!

I have created a time ago a similar tool using autoflake8:
But after a while I didn't use it since that I know the conventions and my editor is making a mark where I have a convention detail.

Then, I don't know if really is a good idea duplicate pylint and pylint-odoo checks to auto-fixing.

Using VIM I have created the following configuration:
let g:syntastic_python_checkers = ['pylint', 'flake8']
let g:syntastic_python_pylint_args = '--rcfile=mqt/travis/cfg/travis_run_pylint_vim.cfg'
(see attached image)

You can configured it for pycharm and other IDEs

What do you think?

El vie., 26 jul. 2019 a las 10:17, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
Hi All,

Out of bare exitement, I wanted to share with you my first pybowler conformance refactoring

Let's build a library for pylint-odoo so people can get an actual chance to apply it on a legacy codebase.

Best Regards,
David A.

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