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- 10/07/2019 23:50:06
Hi all,

DockeryOdoo Odoo has gotten a plethora of new features:

- Envoyproxy Sandbox (for support teams!)
- mailhog mailsink
- branch name convention enforcement
- commit message convention enforcement
- sparce checkouts to break down OCA's omnium gatherum repos
- multilayer projects for "base flavored Odoo" or "base verticals".

And no! It's still no Operations tool :-)
It's a Development tool and it's best in class.

Try it out, spread the word!

If you are a developing company, please suggest to use it to your clients.

If you are a client, please ask your Implementor or developing partner for conventionalize around DockeryOdoo.

It's naturally open source + permissive license and fully supportive of OCA workflows!!!


David A.