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Re: greek localised version of odoo

Therp, Nikos Tsirintanis.
- 05/07/2019 12:35:54

Hi Vassilios,

From what I understand, you want to figure out how localizations works within Odoo. Check here.

Further, I'm not aware of any step-b-step tutorials or an "official" documentation for this.

Perhaps you could be more specific on what you wish to achieve, then people would be able to provide more useful input.


On 05-07-19 07:47, Vassilios Klidaras wrote:

I am a greek developer  trying to setup a small greek start up with a website and an ERP for invoices compatible with the greek tax system.

Looking around it seems people have worked on localized  versions of openERP or odoo,  I  don't seem to be able to find any repo or proper documentation.

Who can provide some  help?
Places where I can find code or guides or video tutorials?

Also odoo ver 8 seems to be also a good solution, but again I don't know how to go about it.

Thank you

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