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How to auto pull only selected folder (addon) from multiple OCA repo into one repo.

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 16/06/2019 05:47:05

We are trying to create our workflow, and make use of OCA projects as much as possible. We may need some suggestion to the right direction.

When we implement a new i.e., Project-A for new customer, currently we go one to many OCA projects and manually copy what we normally need into extra-addons/ProjectA_addons

Now, extra-addons/ProjectA_addon will have so many addons there. When each OCA addons changes, if it is so lucky that we now, we will do manual copy and put it again to extra-addons/ProjectA_addons

This is not efficient when there are many addons and many projects to deal with. What I imagine for better solution is to have,
  • A common_addons project for our company, to contain all frequently used addons for our customer.
  • With some kind of descriptor that can tell which addon we want and where its location is in OCA repo (can be PR too). I.e., we use 10 addons from multiple locations.
  • Whenever there are changes in source addons, some kind of auto process will pull the changes  into common_addons
The goal is that, common_addons is the only github project that we have to deal with for all customer's project.

This sound like something every OCA implementer have to face. How do you deal with it? Any keyword for me to continue research will be thankful.

Thank you!