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Working with Product Set

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 27/05/2019 03:19:13

We would like to check whether there is OCA module that accommodate the following use case, which is,
--> For user to work on Product Set in all documents SO, DO, INV but real stock.move happen in product details.

For example,

  • [Product Set - AAA] consist of  [Product A - 2 pieces, Product Z - 20 pieces]
  • [Product Set - BBB] consist of [Product B - 4 pieces, Product Z - 10 pieces]
The Use Case would be
  • In SO, user select set AAA = 2 and set BBB = 10 --> Print out form should show only in sets (detailed not required)
  • In DO, user can select to delivery in set, AAA = 2 set, BBB = 5 set --> ** But stock move in details (not in set), DO slip if possible, can show both set and detail.
  • In INV, bill customer in set, AAA = 2 set, BBB = 5 set --> Print out form in sets
So far, I would see addons that split the set into detail since SO, and so it does not answer the ease of use for user.

Thank you,