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Re: How to properly use module maturity level?

Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume
- 21/05/2019 14:26:04
Hi Kitti,

Thanks for that email trying to get the picture, that's really appreciated.

Setting your module as Alpha is exactly what you should have done. Therefore the constraints to get it merge are lower and should be faster.

In that case, you should probably ping someone from the PSC and ask to review it, saying this is Alpha.

A good practice on review is that you make one or two your-sefl, then you ask the people you reviewed their job to do the same for you (this is how I do it at least).



P.S. In your specific example, I reviewed yours (

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 3:07 PM Kitti Upariphutthiphong <> wrote:
Thank you for your guidance, for the localization repo, I understand now.

Also thank you for the link, it is good to know. Please let me summarize the concept.
  • Alpha and Beta, we can ask PSC to merge once things are green (test not required), after 1 reviewer.
  • Production/Stable, all green + some test + 2 review with at least 5 days (or 3 reviews)
  • Mature, full test, 2 contributors or more.
In real life, I understand that the review resources are limited. But given the goal to favor new modules to merged more easy.

For Example, this module sale_invoice_plan -->
Let's say, for some reason, it doesn't caught much attention. So it hang there for many months, although it met all the criteria.
  • Alpha + 1 Review (but not approve) + All green + Full test script 
Of course, the developer would love it to be merged into OCA, so one less PR to worry about. What should one do?
  1. Keep waiting, no need to hurry. Keep on contribute.
  2. Ask for some specific person or PSC to look for review (is it not polite?)
  3. Consider it not for OCA and move it to other repository outside OCA.
Hope I am not too confusing. I am just trying to learn the culture and how to properly participate with community process. :)

Kitti U.

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 4:07 PM Roussel, Denis <> wrote:
Hi Kitti,

Don't forget to read the Google doc linked to the page you referenced :

I think you can find more information about that.

Those states come from Pypi standard ones :

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 10:07 AM Lorenzo Battistini <> wrote:
For example, if so, on our localization, would I be allowed to merge localized module as "Alpha" without worrying too much?
Because that would be helpful for localization modules which is mostly used by local community anyway. If it is merged fast, more people can help using it, and give feed back faster.

Hi, we are doing that at OCA/Italy

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