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How to properly use module maturity level?

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 20/05/2019 07:47:11
Hi all,

I have been reading about maturity level (beta, production, etc) from here

Some question raised. 
  • So far, I don't see much use of this maturity level tag. Is it meant for only some repository? Is it a must? (if so should the bot detect it?)
  • In what criteria that the maturity can escalate or shrink. In order words, how should one maintain it.
  • In the blog post, it talks about favoring innovation. So, it this maturity tag is intended to allow merging a module as "Alpha" faster?
For example, if so, on our localization, would I be allowed to merge localized module as "Alpha" without worrying too much?

Because that would be helpful for localization modules which is mostly used by local community anyway. If it is merged fast, more people can help using it, and give feed back faster.

Thank you for any comments,
Kitti U.