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Module that do account_netting but more user friendly.

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 09/05/2019 11:13:19
Dear all,

We are looking for something similar to OCA's "account_netting" but to be more user friendly, i. e.,

In stead of user to look into journal items to do the netting, he/she will,
  • In a new invoice menu, user can select multiple Vendor / Customer Invoices with same partner_id
  • Click register payment to open wizard which show net balance
  • If net balance result in pay more to vendor, system will create Vendor Payment to pay the difference (and pay more to customer otherwise)
  • Correctly create journal entry that do the work.
This way, the Payment will link to both invoice, and we can printout voucher that show all invoices that result in netting.

Does OCA has something already?

Thank you,
Kitti U.