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Re: Odoo Project Lifecycle Tool: OdooUp

- 19/04/2019 04:58:03
PPPS: If you like what you see, consider giving it a star on github. They taste like sweet chocolate cookies. ;-D

On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 11:49 PM David Arnold <> wrote:
Hi All,

If you somehow can make sense of the subject, please try this tool and share your feedback.

Thank you! Your feedback is highly appreciated and will shape the future of the project!

  • docker
  • docker-comopse
  • make
  • git

The work is based on over a year of fine tuning the setup and life cycle management of odoo projects receiving feedback from over 7 implementation companies heavily using the underlying tooling in production. (Special thank's to you guys, if you're reading this...)

It strives to be fully OCA compatible!

Daily used for v12 projects. Other versions might have rough edges once in a while.

PS.: Please don't ask for docs/features, it's sufficiently fun to discover them on the go.
PPS: I cannot test on Mac or Windows, so feedback / issues discovered would be especially appreciated.

Best Regards and happy easter holidays!

David A.