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Stock label printing solution

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 15/04/2019 09:41:44

We have a customer who would like to print stock labels for each serial number on label sticker sheets like this

I'd like to know what options are available for this request.

Here are some details:
- User expects to export PDF, and then prints on label sticker sheet from PDF.
- Each label should contain several icons and texts (these are fixed per product), together with some values pertaining to serial number (e.g. expiry date).
- Serial numbers in printed labels should be presented in QR code.
- Each product has specific labeling requirements, so we need to prepare quite a few number of templates.

I was looking into using and thought it could handle the requirements with some additional coding and adjustments on .ods template if we worked around the following points:
- QR code generation -> we may generate QR code image when serial number is created, and use it in report print.
- horizontal loop of items -> as a preparatory step, we may generate label records with column id, and map each set of label data into the correct column defined in .ods template.

Would be nice to hear if this would be a valid approach when using report_py3o, and if there are simpler approaches to handle the requirement using other tools/modules.

Yoshi Tashiro