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Re: Odoo Hash Search Repository

- 21/03/2019 17:27:27
Just on wording: Does the english word "hash" really convey the intended functional meaning? In my understanding it doesn't. BR, David A.

El jue., 21 mar. 2019, 12:17 p.m., Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> escribió:
Action window will hardly vary in time even in versions (unless the model dissapears, which then the less problem is the action window), but having that, you provide a general mechanism that fits all the possibilities and 99% of scans will be succesful. You can provide a fallback if not finding that record ID for opening the main action window linked to the model, and that one may not be the more suitable one (like for invoices), but no care, it's only a 1% percent of cases in a very old instance.


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