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Odoo Invoice/Payment Cancellation with Reversal Entry.

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 19/03/2019 04:56:09
Hi everyone,

We have been discussing this in Odoo mailing list, and found that the real account invoice/payment cancellation does not exits.

So far, people suggest us to cancel document use Credit Note. Journal Entries wise is ok, but we think this will make front document marked as "Paid" instead of "Cancelled", which will be misleading.

So, I am thinking of doing a module like this, e.g. on invoice
  • A new button to open Cancel wizard, with Cancel Date and Cancel Reason.
  • Clicking cancel will create a reversed journal entry (using account_reversal) with same number of Invoice_VOID, and stamp to new account.invoice's cancel_move_id field.
  • Do reconciled for move_id and cancel_move_id and change invoice to Cancelled state.
Will do things in similar fashion in Payment too (reversed all related JE, do reconcile them and set cancel state).

Do you think this sound ok?

Again...I am so surprised that, until now, Odoo still lack this simple feature and wonder why no others feel it is a required feature of ERP.
I am afraid that I am doing something wrong now.

How are you guys currently handle account document cancellation?