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Re: Odoo on Oracle Linux and import

IT IS AG, Joerg Lorenz.
- 13/02/2019 07:12:34
Hi Maxime:

I agree with Daniel that it is an charset conversion issue, abeit the sample of the data malformed would be helpful, too. 
Also you might want to check the locales that the odoo service account user is running with on your solaris box.

We had similar issues with some JAVA app and it turned out that the Charset mapping in the locale was wrong. 

BR, Joe

Von: "Daniel Reis" <>
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Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. Februar 2019 21:37:07
Betreff: RE: Odoo on Oracle Linux and import

Any chance that it is a file encoding problem?

I think that Odoo requires the file to be utf-8 and not plain ASCII.




Daniel Reis


De: Maxime Chambreuil
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Assunto: Odoo on Oracle Linux and import




I have an issue with file import and encoding on a Oracle Linux server. All my csv files are not readable when Odoo parses them for preview. They are working fine on a Ubuntu-based instance of the same code.


From the controllers of base_import, the file is transferred correctly, but on the base_import.import, the file field content is different between the 2 systems.


Also, I noticed that I have Python 3.6.6 on Oracle Linux and 3.6.7 on Ubuntu, but I am pretty sure this is not the problem, as I never faced the issue before when I run 3.6.6 on Ubuntu.


Anyone with the same issue or some input?



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