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Re: Concern about module Purchase_landed_cost Odoo V10

Timothy Stonis
- 16/11/2018 19:43:52
Hi Guillermo,

  I also just came across this same issue. Seems you would need to create a new modification method as opposed the the “Direct” modification which only modifies the stock quant (not very useful if you ask me). Instead of doing the work to implement accounting entries on the OCA module, I went back to using the standard Odoo module and will consider later adding the ease of use features that the OCA module offers (selecting bill lines to use, etc). Getting the accounting correct is more critical for my use case. 



Timothy Stonis 

On Nov 16, 2018, at 2:27 PM, Guillermo Montoya <> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Is there a module that complements this Purchase_landed_cost module creating a journal entrie for landed costs created?

This could be:

  1. Creating a journal entry when the PEx001x is created

  2. Modifying the journal entry (IN/000xx) adding the landed cost correct of the PEx001x associate

Let me know if you know if one of these options is available or if exists another option that supply this requeriment.

Thanks and regards,


Guillermo Montoya

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