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Re: Sale/invoice report break page

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 15/11/2023 19:22:36

Hey Pierre,

only thing I know is that it's possible to manually add "page-break-before: always;" to certain elements. So once you know how many rows fit on a page, you could adjust the QWEB generation to add page breaks at the right places. This doesn't take into account page margins however, so probably your way is better.


On 11/15/23 11:38, Pierre Verkest wrote:
Dear community,

One of my customers using odoo 14.0 needs to get the control where page breaks appear in pdf reports on quotations and invoice documents.

Do you know any existing modules to do that ?

As sections are table rows it's not as easy to add a page-break-inside: avoid; on a html block and would not fit all corner cases. So I'm going to add a link button (such as the add section) that will add a new kind of row to manage the break page in reports.

This probably ends up with 3 modules:

base_breakpage in oca/reporting-engine
sale_report_breakpage in oca/sale-reporting
account_invoice_report_breakpage in oca/account-invoice-reporting

Any hints on that ?

Pierre Verkest
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