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Guidance Request for Pull Request Submission - Backporting agreement_rebate module from v15 to v14

- 02/11/2023 13:25:00

Dear OCA contributors,

I am currently working on backporting the agreement_rebate module from Odoo version 15 to version 14 for integration into the OCA/contract repository. I have noticed that the module operates flawlessly on version 14.

However, I am aware there might be nuances or specific OCA standards that I should adhere to ensure a successful and compliant integration. I have already forked and integrated the module into the local repository, but before proceeding with the PR submission, I wish to ensure that all OCA standards and requirements are met.

I would be very grateful if you could provide guidance or recommendations on specific steps or modifications I should undertake to properly prepare and submit this PR. Your expertise and advice would be invaluable to ensure a smooth process and adherence to OCA community expectations.

I am ready to provide any additional information required and work collaboratively with community members to achieve this backporting successfully. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Warm regards,